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Vol 2 No 2 : March 25, 2012


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‘Good hair vs bad hair’

Symposium examines notions of beauty in persons of African descent

FED UP WITH having her natural hair texture described as nappy and unruly, then teenager Leslean Robinson went out and...more

Mentor and second-year Social Work student from St Vincent, Agnes Llewellyn, centre, in discussion with Township Challenge students. From left are: Nigel Walcott, Sushanna Whiteley, Adriel James, Dijon Daley and Carene Harris.



THE STEREOTYPICAL VIEW of urban communities that are prone to violence and crime are not all true. Some people assume that most adolescents from communities such as these are doomed to a similar or...more

The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator shortens training time for young surgeons.



WHO WOULD HAVE thought that the inspiration for the world’s first cardiac surgery simulator would have been discovered during a walk in Gordon Town,St. Andrew? Well, it was, by two doctors at the...more

These students pay keen attention as they are taught how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen at the Undergraduate Food Lab, Chemistry Department, during Research Days 2012.


Accolades for 51 outstanding researchers, academics

FIFTY-ONE RESEARCHERS AND academics received awards in recognition of outstanding projects they produced and built on in 2011at a glittering ceremony that brought the curtains down on Research Days...more

Meeks… says half a century is a good time to assess how Jamaica has come


Charting the Commonwealth Caribbean’s future

SUMMER 2012 WILL BE an extraordinary time for Jamaica. The young nation is expected to mark its 50-year milestone amidst the afterglow of what should be some great performances by the country’s...more

Dr Carroll Edwards, director, Marketing and Communications, presents Pure and Applied Sciences student Jelani Bogle with his prize.


Lucky draw for Pure and Applied Sciences student

Jelani BOGLE DID not appear to hear the winning numbers at first, but when th.e reality of what he heard finally kicked in, he screamed ecstatically, “Mi win! Mi win!” But no one could blame the...more

Andrew Wheatley



NOT MANY YOUNG men by age 40 can boast of contributing much to political life as new member of parliament for South Central St Andrew Dr Andrew Wheatley has, including distinguishing himself over the...more

Julian Robinson



THE PATH TO great achievement of dreams is often illuminated by years of hard work, observation of the wise actions of effective mentors over time, and without a doubt, the super fuel of confidence...more



UWI Press launches e-books for Kindle users

The University of the West Indies Press (UWI Press) in January launched five e-books for its Kindle customers and announced plans to make additional material available in various electronic...more


Hansle Parchment, scholarship athlete and World University Games gold medallist is in fine form at the March 1 Intramural Sports Day and Extravaganza held at the UWI/Usain Bolt Track.


Gearing up for London Olympics

RECORDS WERE SET and broken at this year’s Intramural Sports Day and Extravaganza at the UWI/Usain Bolt Track. A few UWI Mona students blazed new records as they displayed their exceptional...more

Rex Nettleford Hall cheerleaders strike a winning pose.


Nettleford Hall cheerleaders

Delroy Salmon makes an effortless leap to keep Taylor Hall at the top of the leaderboard.


Taylor Hall at the top of the leaderboard


Sprint King Usain Bolt eases up and allows Prince Harry to pull ahead during a friendly 20-metre dash at UWI Mona on March 6.


Prince Harry's UWI Mona experience

IN JUST UNDER two hours Prince Henry of Wales (always known as Prince Harry) got into a closed murder trial, “beat” Jamaica’s Sprint King Usain Bolt in a friendly 20-metre race, took home a...more


Dr. Kenny Anthony,prime minister of St. Lucia


'Searching for identity'

Norman Manley, one of Jamaica’s greatest advocates and one of its Founding Fathers, said in his usual oratorical brilliance in 1962 at the time of Jamaica’s Independence: “And now I am going...more

That's how we do it


Prince Charming in the flesh

DEAR EDITOR, I have always been a little in love with Prince Harry and, therefore, when I learnt that he would be visiting the Mona campus, I secured my place outside the UWI/Usain Bolt Track, and...more

Proper sanitation and garbage disposal will reduce rat infestation.


Rat infestation is everybody’s problem

DEAR EDITOR, MAYOR OF KINGSTON Lee Clarke said measures were being put in place to control the growing rat population in some Corporate Area communities, while calling for proper garbage disposal...more


THE QUEENS COME OUT TO PLAY Some of the contestants in the Miss UWI Mona 2012 competition strutting their stuff at the UWI/Usain Bolt Track on March 1 during Intramural Sports Day and Extravaganza.

UWI Mona Campus Registrar, Dr Camille Bell-Hutchinson (2nd left) introduces Professor Orlando Patterson (left) to Drs. Hopeton and Leith Dunn at a Luncheon on February 18 at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge. Patterson, a member of the 1962 graduating class of the University College of the West Indies (UCW

Britain's Prince Henry of Wales (always known as Prince Harry) – right– is presented with a specially inscribed commemorative silver medallion during his March 6 visit to UWI, Mona. Making the presentation is Vice Chancellor Professor Nigel Harris, while looking on is Principal Professor Gordon

Lecturer Dr Hilary Robertson-Hickling (left) signs a copy of her book, White Squall on the Land, for Dr Erna Brodber, writer and sociologist, at a function to celebrate the release of the publication. The launch was held in January during Research Days 2012.

From left: Education Minister Ronald Thwaites, Mining and Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell and UWI, Mona Principal Gordon Shirley share a few laughs at the opening ceremony of Research Days 2012. The January 26 and 27 event was held under the theme “Promoting Health and Wellness: The UWI Mona’s

Professor Mike Alleyne (left) of the Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University continues the discussions with Rastafari Elder Tekla Mekfet, educator, author and journalist. Alleyne delivered the 15th Annual Bob Marley Lecture at UWI Mona on February 16.

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