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Dr Kathleen Monteith, Head of the Department of History and Archaeology; Earl Jarrett, Chairman, Board of Directors, JN Foundation; Dr Jenny Jemmott, Senior Lecturer in History and lead researcher and author on the Project; and Saffrey Brown, Manager, JN Foundation.


JNBS Foundation, Department of History and Archaeology collaborate on parish project

THE JAMAICA NATIONAL Building Society JNBS Foundation has partnered with the Department of History and Archaeology, The UWI, Mona, to undertake an islandwide parish history project.

The aim of the Parish Histories of Jamaica project is to produce a comprehensive heritage profile on each parish and make this available to the people of Jamaica and the diaspora. The first parish which will be documented is St Thomas, where the bloody events of October 11, 1865 unfolded, and after which terror was spread with a most brutal and vindictive suppression by the State on the orders of Governor Edward Eyre.

Earl Jarrett, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the JNBS Foundation, launched the project on October 22, 2015 during the opening ceremony of the conference to mark the 150th anniversary of the October 11, 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion.

Jarrett said the project will identify, document and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the 14 parishes in a sustained package. This will be beneficial to a wide range of interest groups, thus providing an information base which will in turn, produce in the people of the parishes a genuine appreciation. The natural outcome intended is for each parish to become a popular heritage attraction from which there would flow a multiplicity of benefits.

The publication should appeal to a large group of people with its appropriate format and will include many visuals maps, prints, illustrations and photographs. In addition, there will be an audio-visual history which will be made available via the Internet and on DVD. A Parish History website is to be established which will act as a hub allowing others to add historical photos, stories and other archival material.

Lead researcher and author of the project is Dr Jenny Jemmott, Senior Lecturer in History in the Department of History and Archaeology.

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