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Vol 7 No 2 : May 21, 2017


Researcher calls for action to address high cholesterol


UWI study shows that high proportion of patients who attend hypertension clinics also have high cholesterol

RESEARCH DONE by Dr Michelle Harris, from the Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, The UWI, Mona, shows that a high proportion of patients attending local primary care clinics have high...more

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is accompanied by his wife Juliet on a tour of the dental lab at The UWI’s Faculty of Medical Sciences’ Teaching and Research Complex. Mrs Holness is also member of parliament for East Rural St Andrew. Photos by Shorná Thompson


UWI honours PM Holness

WHEN PRIME Minister Andrew Holness came home to The UWI, Mona Campus on May 3, he ‘hung out’ at Chancellor hall, engaged students on a range of national issues, and received updates on the latest...more

: Photo: From left: Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Johannesburg, Professor Ihron Rensburg, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of The UWI, Cave Hill Campus, Professor V Eudine Barriteau, and Vice-Chancellor of The UWI, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles.


The UWI partners with UJ to establish Institute for Global Africa Affairs

THE UWI has expanded its global reach with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Agreement for the establishment of an Institute for Global Africa Affairs in partnership with the University of...more

From left John Hitchcock, director of the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP), Professor Burke Johnson, executive director, MMIRA, Professor Tony J Onwuegbuzie, president, MMIRA, Professor John Creswell, co-director of the MMIRA, Hannah Gerber-specialist in social media research, Professor Nataliya Ivankova, MMIRA, Communications/ Marketing.


New approach to research to yield improved results

RESEARCHERS IN the Caribbean are being encouraged to adopt a new approach to the investigation of facts in order to arrive at more accurate conclusions. This was the main message from the Second...more


WE ARE STILL STANDING: The UWI Pelicans looking camera-ready after finishing second in the recent Intercol Cricket T20/20.



Athletic prowess on parade


UWI FC and Portmore United battle it out at the UWI Mona Bowl in this November 16, 2016 file photo.


UWI FC, Portmore United showdown next Sunday

First-time Red Stripe Premier League semi-finalists, University of the West Indies (UWI) FC, will face Portmore United next Sunday in deciding second-leg action at The UWI Mona Bowl. On May 7, UWI...more


The left image shows a top view of the electric field strength generated by a wireless transmitter in the region of a human head model. The right image shows the corresponding degree of absorption (SAR) of electromagnetic radiation by the head and neck. While the intensity nearest the antenna (the white region) may appear ‘high’, it is important to know what SAR value corresponds to that maximum intensity.


Effects of Wireless Devices on Human Health

DR LOUIS-RAY Harris, lecturer in the Department of Physics, UWI, Mona, has been conducting investigations on the effects of wireless devices on human health.


Breadman’ (centre) gets help promoting his brand


Dr ‘Breadman’ in the house

TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD medical student Ejay Charles is good with his hands. This is not surprising since he started honing his skills long before he was tall enough to stand at a table. “From a...more

SWABY... I appreciate being my own boss


Lash-ing by appointment only

TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD Khadije Swaby believes in charting smart career paths for her future. And so, the 2nd year political science major, who hopes to enter the world of law, did not bat an eyelid last...more

Johnson… I learnt how to apply theory to the practicality associated with marketing


Julan Johnson mastered social media marketing to grow small business

THE USE OF the Internet has become commonplace in today’s fast-paced society. Almost every person you meet is connected to others across the globe via a smartphone, tablet or computer – with...more

THOMAS... looking forward to launching his restaurant in the coming academic year


UWI Co-curricular activity sparks ‘delightful’ entrepreneurial venture

GROWING UP in the second city of Montego Bay, St James, Keno Thomas greatly enjoyed his high school and college life. A member of the quiz team while at the William Knibb High School, he also loved...more

Kristofferson Nunes officially launched University and College Ambassadors Youth Marketing in January


Economics turns student into marketing, entrepreneurship pro

TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD Kristofferson Nunes started his brand representation career the moment he began his UWI journey in 2014, representing a number of top brands in the local private sector as a...more

Mears poses beside one of his creations


Mears Media driving new marketing strategies Exploring Mona’s growing community of entrepreneurs

Earlier this month, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Floyd Green announced that come September, grade nine students would be required to study entrepreneurship as part of the high...more


Road Repair


Potholes pose danger for drivers

Dear Editor, I would like to use this forum to highlight the miserable condition of a section of Sylvan Avenue, and appeal to the relevant council or agency responsible for road repairs to add it...more

Dear Editor, I would like to use this forum to highlight the miserable condition of a section of Sylvan Avenue, and appeal to the relevant council or agency responsible for road repairs to add it...more


Sealing the deal Professor Archibald McDonald, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal, The UWI, Mona (right) and Dr Richard Carvajal, President, Valdosa State University, Georgia, USA, shake hands after signing a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this month at the Mona Campus. The MOU will allow the institutions to collaborate on matters such as joint teaching, research, exchange of faculty and students, and staff development, among other things. Photo by Aston Spaulding

Scores of UWI partners, students, and prospective students attending Career Day 2017 at The UWI, Mona Campus. Photos by Shorná Thompson

Honouring its own Prime Minister Andrew Holness and wife Juliet are surrounded by well-wishers and members of the press after the official ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil his name, which has been inscribed on the monument in the background. Holness was on May 3 inducted into The UWI, Mona Park in honour of UWI graduates who are or have been Heads of Government.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) makes a point to Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga

Professor Archibald McDonald, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal, The UWI, Mona and Campus Registrar Dr Camille Bell- Hutchinson get ready to welcome the prime minister. Photos by Shorná Thompson

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