Members of the Get Fit Campaign team share lens time at the launch on February 20. From left: Kamara Daley, Jo-Beth Wood, Toni-Ann Paisley, Renae Scott, Tamoya Rose, and Odeanne Thomas. Photo by Jam Rock One.

Carimac students campaign to ?Get Fit?

POOR HEALTH AND eating habits have become commonplace in the lives of students, especially at the tertiary level. University students generally complain of a lack of time to exercise and prepare healthy meals, as well as little financial resources to purchase wholesome ingredients or subscribe to individual fitness programmes.

It is in light of these issues that a group of final year Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) students decided to tackle at least one aspect of health and wellness – getting fit. The group, comprising Renae Scott, Kamara Daley, Odeanne Thomas, Tamoya Rose, Jo-Beth Wood and Toni-Ann Paisley, launched a Get Fit Campaign recently at the gazebo of the Elsa Leo-Rhynie Hall (ELR Hall) on The UWI, Mona Campus.

“The Get Fit Campaign is about encouraging university students to increase their level of physical activities to at least three times per week, for at least 30 minutes, with the primary focus on decreasing the risks of developing lifestyle diseases,” Scott explained.

“We also aim to encourage the target audience to utilise campus resources such as Ring Road and staircases on their hall to stay fit. The campaign aims to show its participants that exercise can be fun and easy,” she added.

Douglas Fletcher, special guest speaker at the launch and final year medical student, demonstrated simple exercise routines that students may incorporate in their daily school life, including several that could be undertaken in the comfort of their rooms. He urged the students to recognise the importance of remaining healthy while at university, and encouraged them to strike a balance with exercise, study and leisure activities. Using his own early undergraduate years, Fletcher shared how one could manage to stay fit without interfering with the quality of their academics.

The Get Fit Campaign, sponsored by Wata, Jam Rock One, Red Bull and Lucozade, started on February 20 and ends on March 14. Every Tuesday they had exercise sessions at the ELR Hall gazebo which featured special guest trainers, including media personality, Wata Ambassador and certified personal trainer, Kamila McDonald.

The campaign is the final year project for the course, IMC Implementation and Evaluation, and forms part of the BA in Integrated Marketing and Communication degree in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. While there are no plans for a larger programme, it is the hope of the group that the Get Fit Campaign will arm university students with enough knowledge and confidence to not only change their attitude towards health and fitness, but also to continue their fitness journey well beyond their university years.