Johnson… I learnt how to apply theory to the practicality associated with marketing

Julan Johnson mastered social media marketing to grow small business

THE USE OF the Internet has become commonplace in today’s fast-paced society. Almost every person you meet is connected to others across the globe via a smartphone, tablet or computer – with social media being second nature.
For 19-year-old UWI student Julan Johnson the Internet is more than just a means of socialisation and information; it’s his gateway to entrepreneurship.

Johnson operates a successful online apparel business – known as Trublu Clothing – which caters exclusively to men. The business is in its 5th year of operation. Johnson told UWIMONA Now that the decision to become an entrepreneur has changed his life, “It has given me the opportunity to be independent, disciplined and determined at a very young age, as well as to develop me in terms of knowledge and opportunities associated with marketing and entrepreneurship. I also work harder towards what I really want to achieve, and I have learnt that there is no limit to attaining my goals.”

Johnson said that his interest in entrepreneurship developed from his “go-getter” type personality, coupled with his involvement in several high school club activities. He further revealed that one of his main reasons for pursuing a BSc in Marketing was based on this interest. “I chose marketing because I endeavour to become an entrepreneur and it will help me develop my plans towards my future goals.”
“I [also] believe I possess the personal characteristics associated with the industry,” he added.

The first year UWI, Mona student and Titchfield High School graduate has already begun integrating several marketing concepts into his business. “I learnt how to apply theory to the practicality associated with marketing and entrepreneurship,” he remarked. He also praised his mentor, Sandre Malcolm, a current marketer and resident advisor on Elsa Leo-Rhynie Hall, for fostering his growth and development. “Mr Malcolm has been my mentor in garnering the experience and knowledge that I need. He has been an inspiration, and I hope to emulate his character as an effort to build on my qualities in becoming a successful businessman.”

In the near future, Johnson hopes to expand this virtual business into a physical store and further develop the brand in an effort to motivate young entrepreneurs. He also has plans to lend his entrepreneurial spirit to the tourism industry in Portland. “It is my home parish and I want to endorse the ‘sun, sand and sea’ aspect,” he said.