Mears poses beside one of his creations

Mears Media driving new marketing strategies Exploring Mona’s growing community of entrepreneurs

Earlier this month, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Floyd Green announced that come September, grade nine students would be required to study entrepreneurship as part of the high school curriculum. Green noted that exposure to real-life business experiences would allow high school students to build knowledge, capacity, and confidence to form their own businesses.
At the Mona Campus, scores of students are way ahead of the pack, taking entrepreneurship courses, running successful start-ups and marketing their products. The UWI, Mona has also been taking a proactive approach to fostering entrepreneurship, tailoring courses to meet the changing needs of society, and implementing various initiatives to help student and staff on the road to entrepreneurship.Six young entrepreneurs recently shared their stories with UWIMONA Now writer Tashika Taylor. Stories follow on pages 4,5,10 &11

HAVE YOU TAKEN a taxi recently with an advertisement perched on its roof? Chances are you would have experienced the work of Mears Media, a marketing and communications company owned and operated by 20-year-old UWI student Dexter Mears.

Although Mears’s first love was entrepreneurship, he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Laws degree because he felt this was a practical choice that would allow him to grow his business.
“I have acquired a love for law,” confessed Mears, who is completing his second year. “It has helped me in the streamlining of my business in accordance with the law, and also with the proper protection of intellectual property of the business,” he said. He also plans to pursue a Master’s in Business to shore up his company.

When Mears conceptualised the idea of the business in 2015, he vigorously pursued it as he recognised the value of such a service. “It is a groundbreaking marketing tool that solves various problems that different companies face. It offers new and trendy marketing and business solutions – not the traditional, everyday services offered by a ‘Tom and Jane’.”

Mears Media currently employs five people and offers a number of marketing services. These include:

  • the use of digital taxi top displays, utilising LED technology to broadcast media, news and information from the roof of a taxi

  • a driver brand ambassador programme which involves the drivers of public passenger vehicles advertising via their apparel, promoting the particular company and distributing flyers and advertising materials

  • the creation of commercials for companies, and

  • the use of taxi televisions to advertise various products and services.

Mears spoke glowingly of the joys of being a business owner. “The most rewarding attribute is the adrenaline that comes with being able to empower other individuals with the same goal and drive that I have, and to apply the expertise of myself and my team to grow the business and face problems that arise.”
He admitted that setting up his powerhouse team of five was one of his greatest challenges, but said he dedicated himself to doing so as he knew it would have been impossible to run the company on his own.

Mears and his team are now auditing the company and will shortly relaunch the improved Mears Media. He alluded to changes in the branding and management of the company, but would reveal little else. “Many of the plans are a secret so we just have to wait and see,” he quipped.