Robinson is a multi-faceted entrepreneur

Master entrepreneur aims to accomplish great things

MASTER OF BUSINESS Management (MBM) student Romone Robinson is well known on social media by his pseudonym “Rom One”. He creates and posts hilarious videos on several aspects of Jamaican and Caribbean culture, including growing up with Caribbean parents, popular music and social commentary, as well as using his creative skills to put a comical spin on current affairs. While most people may know him in this capacity, a lot of people may not realise that he is also a successful, multifaceted entrepreneur.

One could say that the passion that this 23-year-old has for entrepreneurship started as soon as he was out of the womb, as his parents have been successful entrepreneurs for decades. “Both my parents are entrepreneurs, so growing up that’s all I knew and that’s the life I fell in love with”, Robinson told UWIMONA Now. His parents also involved him in their business from an early age and were always supportive of his ventures – even providing start-up capital on a few occasions.

Robinson’s first entrepreneurial stint came while he was still a high school student at DeCarteret College in Manchester. He would purchase cellular phones for resale, with his peers being his main buyers. Later, he used the profits from this venture, income from various odd jobs and savings from his lunch money to progress into more structured undertakings.

One such undertaking was Indulge Entertainment, an events promotion company he started with a group of friends. They undertook this venture in 2011, and managed to create a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, executing highly anticipated events such as Winter Indulgence and Summer Indulgence.

In 2015, Robinson added an E-Commerce business to his repertoire, known as Own Never Envy (OWN), and the following year, he acquired a hot dog cart franchise – Bad Dawg Sausages. His OWN brand involves the design and sale of hats and shirts through his website, as well as via social media, while his franchise allows him to provide employment to at least two people who manage his carts located on The UWI and UTech campuses. They also travel to various events and host pop-up events several times throughout the year.

Robinson is now looking forward to starting his digital marketing agency that he has named Viewpoint Solutions. This will allow him to focus on providing social media management, indoor advertising, and other marketing- related services. In the long term, he plans to become a freelance marketing consultant and world renowned entrepreneur.