Wint… there's no age limit on achieving your goals

Wint excels in weekend school

MOST UNIVERSITY STUDENTS would agree that Saturday is for relaxing, running errands, or partying with friends. Not so for Dellue Wint. For three years she dedicated her Saturday to pursuing a BSc in Management Studies (General), in the Mona School of Business and Management’s weekend programme.

Last November, her hard work paid off when she completed her degree with First Class Honours, and was invited to speak at her graduation ceremony as one of The University’s four valedictorians.

The UWI’s weekend programme is aimed at helping students like Wint achieve their goals in a flexible programme. Students may pursue a degree in Accounting or General Management.
For Wint, who had left high school at age 17 and was holding down a full-time job in a government ministry, the weekend programme was ideal.
Prior to applying for the degree programme, she pursued an associate degree in Business Management at The UWI’s Open Campus. She completed this programme in 2013, and decided to go on to further studies.
“I felt a little incomplete with just the associate degree, and with where the world is going – an associate degree would not have ‘cut it’ in the working world,” she told UWIMONA Now. With the influence and encouragement of her friends and family, especially her mother, sister and best friend, Wint enrolled at The UWI, Mona.
“You know sometimes when you have people who think that you’re the brightest person in the world? Yes, that is my mother,” Wint joked. “My mother, sister and best friend have always been the drivers behind my success, and I was always encouraged to go as far as I possibly could,” she said.

But the journey to the completion of her degree was no easy feat. Like many students, Wint encountered several challenges, some of which would have caused others to give up. One such challenge was the structure of her chosen programme. “Because it is weekend school, it was every single Saturday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, so of the 52 weeks in a year, we would have only about three holidays. That was a challenge for me, but as we progressed it became the norm,” she remarked.

The challenges, she said, were made easier by the lecturers and colleagues that were a part of the programme. “I had super-understanding teachers and they were good to us. The classes were also pretty intimate, so that was awesome.”

Wint recalled that one of her most memorable moments had to do with successfully managing a clash between her work commitments and school obligations.
“In second year I was tasked with a huge responsibility at work. I was part of the planning committee for an annual event for the Caribbean, which included top government officials. I had to be in Montego Bay for two and a half weeks, and smack in the middle of this period was my law exam! I had no time to study, as the earliest I went to bed was 12:00 am. On the morning of the exam, as I headed back to Kingston, I crammed all the way to the exam room. I did my exam at 1:00 pm, went home, and by 7:00 am the next day I was back in Montego Bay for my 8:00 am breakfast meeting.” Wint told UWIMONA Now that she “managed to get an A” on that exam.
Wint’s success in her undergraduate degree provided her with further motivation to accomplish more.
Wint, who currently works as a procurement officer for the Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project at the Planning Institute of Jamaica, is also exploring several entrepreneurial ventures.
“I’ve also thought about becoming a graphic artist [and] I wrote a play once, so I’m thinking about that as well. I like things having to do with creativity,” she said.

Wint’s advice to new students? “Never judge a book by its cover because you may never know the true potential of somebody if you make an assumption of them based on your own perception. The UWI has a diverse group of students, so it’s best to try and understand where each person is coming from, before being judgemental. Everybody will not be the same.”

She also had words of encouragement for mature entrants: “There’s no age limit on achieving your goals. Work towards your goals. You cannot reach them if you are not making an effort.” – Tashika Taylor