CAMPBELL... My dream is to have a physical store

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Daily Lemon Press owner expanding business

Fourth-year medical student, Kelia Campbell, dived into entrepreneurship after discovering that her love for planning and organisation had become an expensive venture.

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Just over three years ago the St James native stopped purchasing and personalising journals for her personal use, and opted instead to splurge on an expensive planner online. But when the associated shipping and handling costs left her out of pocket, a friend suggested that she should make her own.
Campbell did more than make her own planner, she started a business - Daily Lemon Press.
"Daily Lemon Press is centred on making 'lemonade' from the 'lemons' that life often gives, through the incorporation of planning, organisation and journaling," Campbell explained. "My brand is about helping people accomplish their goals and having a greater vision in life. We are geared towards creating organisational tools to help people improve all areas of their lives, so my planners have a lot of aspects related to growth, building your life, and self-development, among other things," Campbell said.
Unlike the average planner, Daily Lemon Press customises its products for various needs. "We sell a vast number of planners for different people. We have our life planners, which are our main planners, we have our wedding planners, and we also sell academic planners that are geared towards helping students become 'A' students," Campbell remarked.
"We also have business planners and wellness planners as new products coming out, and in expanding, we will be creating even more products," she said. Campbell also plans to ship to other countries in the Caribbean region.
Campbell's vision for Daily Lemon Press involves helping people to help themselves. "My vision is to have a physical store where persons can come to customise their planners and I can provide them with organisational tools to help them develop a better life for themselves. I hope to change the world by helping people create a life through visioning, manifestation, organisation, law of attraction, etc. I also want to provide employment for people," she told UWIMONA Now.

The 25-year-old Campbell encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge, "Just start. Don't overthink the whole process. Ask questions and be proactive; question someone who has a business or someone who is where you want to be and then just start. If you sit and think about it too much, youíre going to be crippled by fear," Campbell said.